Kalos Nailo (Nightbreeze)

Kalos Nailo, or "Nightbreeze" is a Duskblade from the Elven city of Te'er. He is currently a bartender, and owner of a pub and Inn called the Tossed Dwarf.


Kalos Nailo(Nightbreeze) Duskblade Level 3 Chaotic Good

STR:15 +2 DEX:14 +2 CON:17 +3 INT:15 +2 WIS:12 +1 CHA:15 +2

HP: 33 AC: 16 SPD: 30 INIT: 7=1+2+4

FORT:6=3+3 REFLEX:3=1+2 WILL:4=3+1

WEAPON: Longsword ATK:5 DMG:1d8 CRIT:19-20×2 RNG:0 TYPE:Slashing

Composite Shortbow ATK:5 DMG:1d6 CRIT:20×3 RNG:70 TYPE:Piercing 20Arrows

Shortsword ATK:5 DMG:1d6 CRIT:19-20×2 RNG:0 TYPE:Slashing

GEAR: Studded Leather Armor, Buckler, Composite Shortbow(w/20 arrows), Longsword Shortsword, Backpack, Silk Rope(50), Grappling Hook, 5 Sunrods, Healer’s Kit.

RACIAL/CLASS ABILITIES: Arcane Attunement(PHB2), Armored Mage(PHB2), Combat Casting(PHB2), Arcane Channeling(PHB2), +2Dex/-2Con, Med Size, Immunity to Sleep, +2vs Enchantment, Low Light Vision, Martial Weapon Proficiency, +2Listen/Search/Spot.

FEATS: Eschew Materials(PHB91), Improved Initiative(PHB91)

LANGUAGES: Common/Elven

SPELLS: 0LVL: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ray of Frost 1LVL: Kelgore’s Fire Bolt, Stand, Lesser Deflect, Bigby’s Tripping Hand.


Kalos Nailo, or “Nightbreeze” is a Grey Elf from the city of Te’er. As a younger elf he was training as a Duskblade for protection of Elven Wizards. During his training, with the Elven Magus Ar’Keth Liadon, Kalos was always being plagued by an unending desire to adventure. He tried to curb it, but alas, it did not work. In the end, both he and Ar’Keth decided that it would be best for Kalos to stop his training, and head out adventuring.

So he did. After a short period of time, he found that adventuring was not only physically wearing but alos wearing on the coin purse. At one point he stopped in a small village, and helped out as just a labourer, and then moved on. Later, he decided to stop in the town of Duskenvale. He had every intention to stop, gain some money, and continue adventuring, but in the end, he got lazy. He took a job as a bartender at the Inn called the Iron Stein, working for a dwarf by the name of Bragg Ironbrew. After a year or two, Bragg wanted out of the business, as he was getting older, and wanted to spend some time on his farmstead. He ended up selling the Inn to Kalos. Kalos proceded to rename the Inn, the Tossed Dwarf. There he has been ever since.

Kalos Nailo (Nightbreeze)

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