Well of Odium

A bit more world building

Well things are not going as quickly as wanted I think but I am working on it.  I have just a bit more world info to take care of, then I can get into the details of the town and area around it that will be the main setting for the campaign.

After that the stage is set and I'll be ready to prepare a few plots and we'll be able to start!

I just made a few updates to the Makadia and Duskenvale pages, with more to come this week so keep an eye out.


I've never done this before

Things are starting to fall into place with the setup for the campaign so I thought I'd start adding info here.

The hope is to use this site to organize and track as much as possible.  As long as they don't shut down! (Remind me to backup everything regularly somehow)

I'll be doing a lot of edits throughout this week, mostly on the wiki.  I'll post major updates or lists of updates here on the blog.  I tend to do a lot of minor edits when I'm starting something so the Latest Updates will probably show too many updates to keep up with at first but you can look there too.


۩ Anne ۩


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