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  • Log 2009-06-15

    Things are starting to fall into place with the setup for the campaign so I thought I'd start adding info here.

    The hope is to use this site to organize and track as much as possible.  As long as they don't shut down! (Remind me to …

  • Log 2009-06-29

    Well things are not going as quickly as wanted I think but I am working on it.  I have just a bit more world info to take care of, then I can get into the details of the town and area around it that will be the main setting for the campaign.

  • Session 2

    …And that, sports fans, is what happened on the Orcish skinball field last night. Quite the match up. Garrick, back to you with some news. Thanks Gims. That would be a pretty brutal place for us gnomes. Glad we have human correspondents. In other …

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