Lyrr is the homeworld to several large nations, including the kingdom of Makadia.  Lyrr has two moons:  Silenti and Inferi.

1. Geography
2. Ecology
3. Society
4. Religion
5. Magic 

1.  Geography

Lyrr bears four continents, three major oceans and a large number of islands.

2.  Ecology

There is a rich and abundant variety of plants, animals and other living beings on Lyrr.

3.  Society

Lyrr is home to quite a few distinct societies. Some are further defined by their country or species (ie Makadians, or Dark Elves).  The major races/societies are:

  • humans
  • elves
  • dwarves
  • orcs
  • goblins
  • giants
  • merfolk

There are numerous others but the above list represent those most commonly found on Lyrr.


4.  Religion

Lyrrans worship a variety of Gods and Goddesses, though the deity to which they pray the most is Almus, the Just.  


5.  Magic

In general, arcane magic users are less prevalent in Lyrr than other worlds.  There is no known cause for this, although some of the ancients texts seem to refer to a time when this wasn't the case.  Sorcerers, Wizards, and Warlocks aren't exactly rare, but they aren't common either.  Magic shops exist but these are not stores filled with powerful items, instead most have minor magical trinkets at best.  Artifacts of great magical power are very difficult to come by. 



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