Well of Odium

Session 2
And now the news...

…And that, sports fans, is what happened on the Orcish skinball field last night. Quite the match up. Garrick, back to you with some news.

Thanks Gims. That would be a pretty brutal place for us gnomes. Glad we have human correspondents. In other news today, we go now to the town of Duskenvale, where field reporter Sprocket Gyrosprig has some news on a very interesting situation that has come up in the sleepy town. Sprocket?

Thanks Garrick. I am standing here in the town of Duskenvale at a sight that, last night, was the scene of a very…mythical, if you will, conflict, between mortal and the otherplanely. The pit that I am standing in front of is a fire pit, and was used last night for what local youngsters are calling the “Grove Bash.” No one knows who holds the bashes, but they do occur on a regular basis. This one, though, ended in screaming, bloodshed, daemonic possession, and heroic acts of selflessness.

Last night, during the Grove Bash, two of the participants, one Marcus and one Penny, were the subject of Daemonic Possession from a yet undetermined source, that some say is the Well that is under Old Town.

After an altercation with the possessed Marcus, one young man, named Adam, went to the local Inn, the Tossed Dwarf, heh heh, looking for a little drink. There he told the owner, Kalos Nailo, an Elf, what had happened. Kalos was intrigued, but not enough to warrant leaving his establishment.

Shortly after Adam, quite a few others from the party ran into the establishment, saying that Penny and Marcus were “attacking everybody.” Kalos, concerned, called for one Morgan Shade, a girl sent from the Belezen College, for unknown reasons. Morgan came to the tavern from her residence across the street in the old “Modest Mug” coffee shop. She looked over the children, who all had minor injuries, while Kalos and two allies, Marrick, a local trader, and Ash, a blacksmith, went to the sight of the party.

At the party, they found that Marcus and Penny were indeed attacking those who remained. Upon arriving, they noticed that three more people were down and injured, and a girl, Victoria, the daughter of the local Mayor, was tied, helplessly o a tree.

Immediately jumping into action, Kalos and company entered the area, and attempted to deal with the two young individuals. After some diplomatic attempts were made, and met with hostility, the three would-be heroes proceeded to more drastic measures. Ash, who had remained unseen for the majority of diplomatic talks, sprung from the bushes, ambushing Marcus, while Marrick began a frontal assault on the young boy. Kalos moved in and attempted to deal with Penny, whom proved more of a menace than the foolish elf had thought. Oh those elves, they make me laugh sometimes.

Anyway, after a drawn out combat, Marrick and Ash subdued a ravenous Marcus, and then turned to see how their comrade was faring. To there astonishment, or not, Kalos was pinned to the ground, with Penny on top of him, attempting to shove a rather ugly appendage through the elf’s chest. The other two proceeded to free their ally, and then bound both the unconscious youths so they could cause no more trouble.

Kalos, after untying Victoria, returned to the Tossed Dwarf, heh heh, and sent Morgan to the grove to help his partners. He then continued on, to Victoria’s fathers’ estate, returning the young girl home.

After concocting a story that involved a drunken wanderer in his Inn, and a fight, Kalos left, returning to the Dwarf. Meanwhile, Marrick, Morgan and Ash had taken the two youths to the local Priest, for an “exorcism.” I myself am not sure what the hells an exorcism is, but it sounds rather painful.

Any who, the youngsters were taken there, and, once the three heroes and their ally were all there, the “exorcism” began. Penny was apparently the first, with her chained to a stone slab, and the four heroes, plus a priest stood there, reading from the religious texts, she came to consciousness, spouting some “infernal” language.

After a few moments, a demon was pushed from her young body, standing on the slab, over her, cursing the heroes, and blabbering on in its native tongue. Kalos sprang into action, mystically shoving the creature from the slab, and slamming it into the wall with his sword. Before it had a chance to right itself, the others were on it, and the monster was dead. Penny was found to be all right. Unconscious once more, but alive.

Next came Marcus. Again, the four plus the priest began their chanting, attempting to drive the creature from the young boy. Although not as easy as the first, they were eventually successful, and again, a demon stood over its previous host. Again, Kalos sprung into action, though this time, he fumbled his mystical blade, and was smacked away by the demonic creature. The others handled the creature with ease, and checked on Marcus. He to was all right, unconscious, but alive.

The two children were taken to the local doctor, for “treatment of some poisoned ale” and the heroes returned to the Tossed Dwarf. Heh heh, I love that name, Tossed Dwarf.

Ahem, sorry. Afterwards, the heroes informed the other youths that were at the Inn of the story that Kalos had told the mayor, and it was agreed that this is what would be told to everyone’s parents, if asked.

That’s all I have for now, but you can bet this gnome will find more information as it comes up.

In other, slightly, sort of related news, the Modest Mug can now be found in the Tossed Dwarf…heh heh, as can its owner Vivian. After the monster earthquakes last week, the Mug moved into the Inn during the reconstruction of the building that it had previously resided in. In a slightly smart, though potentially volatile business venture, both Kalos and Vivian agreed that she would join her coffee and pastry business with his Inn and Tavern business. I for one can say, this “coffee” is great stuff. And the pastries aren’t too bad either.

Garrick, back to you.

Well, thanks Sprocket. Keep us in the loop if anything else happens. And send some of that “coffee” back here. I wouldn’t mind trying some. Next, we have one of our other reporters out to a sight where, apparently, a young human flew a crystal airship into some sort of mountain. What an idiot…

A bit more world building

Well things are not going as quickly as wanted I think but I am working on it.  I have just a bit more world info to take care of, then I can get into the details of the town and area around it that will be the main setting for the campaign.

After that the stage is set and I'll be ready to prepare a few plots and we'll be able to start!

I just made a few updates to the Makadia and Duskenvale pages, with more to come this week so keep an eye out.


I've never done this before

Things are starting to fall into place with the setup for the campaign so I thought I'd start adding info here.

The hope is to use this site to organize and track as much as possible.  As long as they don't shut down! (Remind me to backup everything regularly somehow)

I'll be doing a lot of edits throughout this week, mostly on the wiki.  I'll post major updates or lists of updates here on the blog.  I tend to do a lot of minor edits when I'm starting something so the Latest Updates will probably show too many updates to keep up with at first but you can look there too.


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